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Hello optics friends!

Did you have any concerns on optics?

Hikari learning aims to be a source that provides various information under the theme of “optics”.

Optical design, lenses, simulations, ray tracing, diffraction, lasers, etc. You can get a lot of information from the internet and books, but there are challenges to get a feeling like “OK, that’s it”. Hikari learning would like to realize an experience that makes you think “I understand that”.

Who is editor of this blog, “Hikarimono”?

Nice to meet you. I’m “Hikarimono”. After graduating from university, I started to work in optics as an engineer in Japanese company. Since I had ZEMAX at that time, which was owned by department, I am current user of OpticStudio.

Starting point was reading some books, レンズがわかる本 (Shinichi Nagata, Nihon Jitsugyo Publishing Co., Ltd.) and Hect, then I’ve been working on optical industry for 10 years. My experiences were imaging optics, illumination optics, laser & fiber and matching actual measurements and simulations.

Source of the blog, Hikari learning

Well, as those who are in optics industry may already know, the Zemax homepage has just changed. → zemax.com (English version)

What’s interesting about the new homepage is that many technical articles (knowledge bases) and social pages (forums) are “available to anyone” without a login . OpticStudio or ZEMAX is now widely recognized in the optics industry and is one of the industry standard software, so many optical engineers will refer to the published knowledge base and community posts.

In addition, we will actively utilize information that is often referred to on the Internet.

Information that Hikari learning provides

Hikari learning will pick an article up from knowledge base and add annotations and explanations in it to solve the question “what is this?” from optics biginners. For example, it is an attempt to add a little more in-depth explanation to the points that are “prerequisite knowledge” for understanding an article.

The contents are not particularly limited, such as optical theory, how to use software, and information about applications. However, I will not go into too difficult topics. To be honest, I can’t step on it as scientist or phics expertise. Once we reach the level needed to reach our goal, “Understood, that’s it,” I give up understanding the deeper world and return to the real world.


If you have any questions, the first recommended solution is to sign up for the Zemax site and ask questions in the forums. Since this (Hikari learning) is not a straightforward place , the legitimacy of the information is inferior (although I will do best). Still, there are personal circumstances. It’s a hassle to register, you feel like it’s not as much as I hear, and you’re reluctant to ask questions. I want to make here a place that can be reached.

For optics friends who visit to Hikari learning

Hikari learning is a new site created in July 2021. Perhaps the people who arrived here are still at the stage of learning optics. I myself have no experience of studying optics professional. Since I graduated from university, I have been accumulating “what is this?” > “I understand, that is what I mean” every day. I would like to learn together with you.